The work of a littlesteps northern beaches psychologist is to get to know how your mind works and they get to study your emotions, personality, behavior, as well as your perception to various things. Psychology on the northern beaches being the scientific study of your mental state of mind as well as how you behave is one filled with great and famous people including local northern beaches psychologist.

Some of this famous psychologists would include great minds such as the creator of psychology himself Sigmund Freud who actually developed a method of psychology known as psychoanalysis and many of his theories on the human mind are still to date being used as well as being taught at Universities the world over. However other psychologist had come before him such as Wilhelm Wundt who is actually known as the father of psychology and was the first to create a lab which was exclusively for psychological research in 1879. Other great minds of our time who contributed greatly to psychology would include American William James, German Hermann Ebbinghaus and Russian Ivan Pavlov.

With all that has been written and documented by this famous psychologist it seems that human behavior does not change much through out the years and many of what was written still applies to today’s modern psychology and is used by today’s psychologist.

The works of the famous psychologist are always used as aides to help those who are learning more about the human mind and are still used even by the professors of psychology themselves who probably refer to them for more information regarding a certain matter as well as to improve themselves even more. You could say that psychologist like Freud and Wundt really made an impact in modern psychology and are still famous for it.


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