The Ultimate Pricing Guide For Wedding Videography

The Ultimate Pricing Guide For Wedding Videography
The Ultimate Pricing Guide For Wedding Videography

With months of preparation and excitement leading up to your wedding event, you’re ultimately only able to live it as soon as. Fortunately, you can work with a photographer and videographer to catch almost every minute, big or small, of your wedding event. 

These experts can also package it neatly so you can reflect on the video footage and enjoy it for many years to come.

Hiring a photographer for your big day is likely an offer, however, you might be wondering about the cost to employ a videographer- and if it deserves the extra expenditure.

How Much Does A Wedding Videographer Cost?

The majority of videographer’s are independent contractors, so it often differs. Normally, videographer’s will use plans and a la carte pricing for additional services, additional time, or additional modifying to enable you to personalize your plan. 

It is advised that you start with a basic package and customize it from there to make certain all your bases are covered. You can frequently get a better bargain by doing this, or browse this site for the lists of Wedding Videographer’s in Melbourne, Victoria.

What’s Included?


Most fundamental bundles will consist of a single camera setup, audio and suitable lighting. If you select a deluxe or superior plan that uses unique impacts and chances at different angles, your videographer will come prepared with a more in-depth set up to achieve your vision.

Wedding Packages

Videographers, like wedding professional photographers, will have a variety of wedding bundles for you to choose from. 

  •  A 3– five-minute highlight video
  • A 20– 30-minute complete wedding event video with wedding ceremony and speeches
  • 2 cinematographers
  • An assistant to the videographer

Final Product

The most typical formats for getting your final product are USBs and DVDs. If you’d like your video in another format like a Blu-ray disc, be sure to let them know. The majority of videographers’ will charge for extra copies.

Drone Video

If you’re wanting every possible angle you can receive from your wedding event videography services, you may be interested in catching some drone video footage.

A drone can film from hundreds of feet in the air. This will make your wedding video more dynamic and fascinating and permit you to see the whole phenomenon of the occasion in your wedding event movie- something you undoubtedly can’t do when you’re right in the middle of things.


If your videographer needs to take a trip far for your wedding, you’ll more than likely foot the bill unless otherwise specified in the agreement. If you’re preparing a location wedding event, keep costs low by hiring a regional videographer as opposed to one from home.

Any Other Filming Besides The Big Day

This will also be an extra expense if you’d like to move other minutes besides your wedding event days such as your practice session supper or bridal shoot.

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