The Jeep Traveler tandem stroller is a workhorse stroller that gives you two very roomy and comfortable seats, a lot of storage room, and a very compact fold that will fit into any sedan.


Jeep Traveler Tandem Double Stroller Review

The Bad: With the full size and roominess comes extra weight, and with two big toddler’s it takes effort to turn and maneuver.

The Jeep Traveler tandem stroller is a full-size double stroller that folds down into an extremely compact size.

Jeep Traveler Tandem Stroller Full Review

The front seat can hold up to 40 pounds, and it has a padded 5-point harness. The front seat will recline to two different positions, but it doesn’t lay all the way back simply because of the back seat rider. Something that toddlers will love about the front seat is the toy steering wheel that they can play with, and there’s also a drink holder that makes up a sort of half-try in front of the child. The tray is also part of the baby bar, which doesn’t completely enclose the front seat. This is another great feature for a toddler because they can get in and out without you having to lift them out or undo a baby bar.

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