Rachel’s preferred book in the Holy book is Esther. This is an aftereffect of a long stretch of time of Veggie Stories. Today, as RachelsPinkHouse heads off to college, I am helped to remember a couple of the words from Esther-she was made for “such a period as this.” Esther 1:4.

It truly appears to be outlandish that it was right around 20 years prior that we learned through a pre-birth analysis that she would have Down disorder. On that day and the next months, I couldn’t have envisioned that on this day just about 20 years after the fact, she would go school. In those minutes, I couldn’t have envisioned that I would be energized that my girl would go school regardless of whether it was not to the College of Arkansas to turn into a Hoard. Throughout the following couple of days, she will move into a residence. She will begin new classes. She will make sense of how to explore school life complete with victories, challenges, and the knocks that others experience.

We’ve all had a wide scope of feelings this week and we’ve guaranteed Rachel it is regular and absolutely typical to feel pitiful, glad, energized, and to cry tears. Our neighbor carried her young men by at the beginning of today to send her on her voyage. She generally has the most attentive blessings like pre-tended to and stepped notecards! She additionally helped her to remember these epic words from Winnie the Pooh, “”That I am so fortunate to have something that makes bidding farewell so hard.”

We’ve all had numerous messages of good wishes and supplications this week, and we welcome those today and in the days and months to come. Toward the beginning of today a companion who we met through Christian Youth Theater sent me a message that made me somewhat mournful. She stated:

“Our family has been discussing how energizing this is and prying for all of you to such an extent. Enormous advance for Rachel and momma and father. We realize it will be so awesome for her, yet we likewise know a major piece of your heart is going, as well. We love you all and are applauding you. She’s so honored to have you all as guardians two have furiously battled for her to have the existence she merits and now you can say WE DID IT! So pleased with every one of you. We love our every day Instagram Rachel sightings.”

Rachel’s story and our very own story keeps on being composed. There will be chuckling and tears in the days to come. Be that as it may, we know the plans God has for Rachel are to “succeed her and not to hurt her, to give her an expectation and an uture.” ~Jeremiah 29:11. We realize that with the adoration and backing of the numerous companions and team promoters of Rachel, confidence in God’s guarantee of an expectation and a future, she has genuinely been made for such a period as this. We should do this Rachel Bear!

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