The rfp will review the information in the proposal and make a bid on the contract. A company will make an offer to the third-party and provide them with the contract. The third-party will use the bid and other information in making a contract offer to the customer, and the customer will use the contract to purchase the product or service.

The rfp consulting business

The fourth step in the process of asking a request for proposal is the approval of the request. The third-party that provided the request for proposal will provide an answer to the request, and will then send it back to the company that made the original request. The company will then have to make a contract with the third-party, and the contract will be submitted to the customer.


A contract between a company and a third-party company will be made to protect both parties from the other, and to ensure that both parties have an opportunity to make a contract offer to the customer. When a company submits a request for proposal, the company and third-party will have to meet in person and work out a contract agreement on the terms of the contract.


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