Squirrels are the world’s most elusive pests and are extremely intelligent and will often attack your birds and other wildlife with no provocation. If you have squirrels in your area and have never seen a good squirrel proof bird feeder on the ground or in your birdhouses, there are several measures that you can take to ensure your birds and other animals stay safe from these incredible creatures.

Good squirrel proof bird feeder – How to Win the War

If you are looking for a squirrel proof bird feeder, there are some basic tips that you should keep in mind. The first tip is to get a good, solid foundation for the cage. Make sure it is not too high off the ground or your birds will not have enough climbing space to build their nests. You also need to make sure that the cage has enough room to allow your birds to move freely, without any obstruction.

When you buy the birdhouse, you want to inspect the structure of the birdhouse very carefully. If you find any damage, like cracks or holes, your birds may be unable to feed properly. Birds do not usually like to nest in areas of structural weakness. The next step is to add some type of nesting material, like pinecones, spruce boughs, or old newspapers, to the base of the cage. This will make your squirrel free bird feeder more appealing to your pets and will prevent them from building nests elsewhere in your yard.

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