How Does a Graphic Recording Software Work?

Graphic Recording Software is a tool, which helps a user to record his or her lectures and presentations in the format of a movie or video. It provides a number of functions for recording and editing audio and visual data. It also provides other features like the capability to pause recording, rewind playback, and stop a presentation without having to stop the live demonstration. It has an intuitive graphical user interface so that it is easy to operate. Graphic Facilitation is the application of large-scale graphical imagery to guide people and groups towards a specific goal. The graphical process is commonly conducted by a graphic facilitator at conferences, seminars and workshops. This graphical method is usually conducted by an audio presenter.

Graphic recording Software is a tool

graphic recording

There are two types of graphic facilitation: Interactive and Narrative. Interactive Graphic Facilitation includes audio and visual data and helps the presenter to guide the audience towards various key points, questions, and issues. This is very useful when the question or issue requires an immediate solution. Narrative graphic facilitation uses illustrations, graphs and illustrations to provide information about the topic, which is then followed by the narration. These two different types of facilitation can be used together or independently. The choice depends on the need and requirements of the conference or workshop.

Graphic Recording Software can be a great help in organizing and managing the various activities of a seminar or workshop. For this purpose a facilitator should have the right software installed and ready to go. This will enable him or her to record the presentations, conduct interactive facilitation and also to manage the various activities associated with the conference or workshop. The software will also allow the facilitators to create customized reports which will be useful when the conference or workshop is presented to a wider audience.

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