Ways to Choose the Best Antique Furniture Repair Service

When you think of antique furniture repair it does not always mean making a new piece of furniture seem new again. In this case l repair the damage, while still preserving or maintaining the original vintage look of the particular piece. Professional antique furniture repair service providers go to great lengths in knowing their client’s needs and how to give the best quality of repair and restoration services. They would also make sure that they do not end up harming the piece by having the wrong tool or by using the wrong technique. For antique pieces, such as chairs, tables, dressers, antique drawers, etc, that have intricate designs and details, like the presence of carvings, the wood or metal color, cracks, stains, or worm holes, all these are carefully inspected to know the right way to handle and fix them.

Furniture refinishing is another option that professional antique furniture repair service provider may use. This method of restoring and repairing is good for small and medium sized items. Here the color is generally lightened, the piece is sanded and then repainted using a primer and a final coat of high-gloss and semi-precious stone or metal color. Refinishing old furniture is a big help in increasing the visual appeal of it. It also increases its durability. It prevents the occurrence of scratches, dents, dings, chips, and faded patches.

Major repairs like repainting are generally done when the damage is very major. Repairs like this should be done by professional antique furniture repair service provider as the damage could be very severe and the presence of mold could be very high. Also, the repair cost could be very high. So, it is best that the piece is seen to by a professional antique furniture restorer before doing any major repairs or refinishing.

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