How Much Does A Wedding Cake Cost?

Your wedding cake isn’t simply something delicious to eat on the day, however more and more it’s entering into your wedding visual too.

You want a cake that can bring your style or palette to life and tastes fantastic while doing it!

When it concerns looking for your wedding event cake it is essential to look at this differently to your decoration or styling spending plan and take a look at it as a standalone cost.

Your cake can factor into dessert for your visitors as well as an ornamental centrepiece so it blurs the lines between catering and decor. Which can make it tough to determine a budget plan.

So just how much does a wedding cake expense? This page will show you all your questions. We have had a look at what couples have performed in the past to provide you with an idea of what’s appropriate to spend in addition to what size you might think about for your special day.

What’s The Average Cost Of A Wedding Cake?

Wedding cakes can differ in rate depending on cake size, serving sizes, and what decors are included in the design. Will you be serving coffee sized portions or serving your cake for dessert? 

The number of visitors do you require to serve? Are you having a topper or do you desire fresh flowers in your decors also? Before deciding just how much to spend on your cake consider what is included because of expense.

The average wedding cake around Australia costs $537. Couples in Western Australia and Victoria can anticipate paying a bit above average for a cake. Those in other states will be available below average with couples in the Northern Territory spending the least quantity on their wedding event cake.

How Many Tiers Should My Cake Have?


The variety of tiers your cake ought to have boiled down to how many serves of cake you want along with your wedding event aesthetic.

Double-barrelled cakes have become very popular and might appear as though there is only one tier due to the stacked cake result.

Tiered cakes on top of these double barrels are likewise popular. With a double-barrelled cake you have more cake included and are therefore able to serve more couples, but remember that a taller tier may cost you a bit additional.

To provide you with a concept of what you may desire, 48% of all couples select to have a 3-tiered wedding cake. 31% then choose 2-tiers, 12% for 4-tiers, and simply 9% of couples have a single-tiered cake.

Wedding event cakes can likewise be served with different size parts in mind. Coffee cake parts are smaller so could leave your visitors desiring more if you are serving these as dessert.

What Is a ‘Sheet’ Cake?

If you require more cake but don’t want to ruin the aesthetic of your cake design you might go with a sheet cake. A sheet cake is a single-layered rectangle-shaped cake that your baker can develop for you in the very same flavours or flavours as your ornamental cake.

When the cake is served, this can be hidden away in the cooking area and cut up just. It means that you can have more cake for your day while minimizing the size and decorations of what you desire on show.

This is an excellent option for wedding events with a lot of guests and could be a choice to help you save on your budget plan by having a smaller decorative cake. Chat with your care provider about what is preferable for your wedding as well as your venue about what centres they have for cake storage in the kitchen.

What Flavours And Trends Are Popular?

5% of couples have a fruit cake for their wedding event despite it being the standard flavour for wedding cakes in the past. 69% of couples are rather choosing a mud cake in a chocolate or vanilla flavour.

21% of couples go with other flavours such as lemon or raspberry. 5% have a flourless or gluten-free cake. We’re seeing an increase in blended flavoured cakes with combinations like raspberry and champagne getting us in the mood for a cake tasting.

Naked cakes and rough icing are still very popular with couples stylistically. Rustic, bohemian and vintage styles will be well suited to these cake styles. White and blended metallic cake styles that add that luxe factor being available on the other side of the wedding spectrum. We’re seeing more of these in standard, modern and stylish wedding events.

We’re also seeing couples who do not like sweets choose a cheesecake for their wedding event. We are 100% on board with this pattern!

Wedding event cakes can vary in rate depending on cake size, serving sizes, and what designs are included in the design. Double-barrelled cakes have become incredibly popular and may appear as though there is only one tier due to the stacked cake effect.

With a double-barrelled cake, you have more cake involved and are therefore able to serve more couples, however, bear in mind that a taller tier may cost you a bit additional.

Wedding event cakes can also be served with different size portions in mind. We’re seeing a rise in mixed flavoured cakes with combinations like raspberry and champagne certainly getting us in the state of mind for a cake tasting.

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