A M King Design Center

A M King Design Center
A M King Design Center


Design Center Charlotte

The A M King Design Center is located on the first floor of the A M King Construction building at 1610 E. Morehead Street. It is adjacent to McVeigh and Mangum Engineering, which offers electrical and structural engineering services. It is managed by John Koury. Erin has worked on a range of projects for the private and public sectors. She is passionate about public space and quality design. She is a mom of three young children and loves spending time with her family.


The Center is a centralized space for placemaking, urban design and community engagement. It features staff, resources, and an interactive studio where the public can engage with designers and planners. Its goal is to make Charlotte a livable city. The Center offers services and resources that help communities develop and revitalize their neighborhoods.

The Design Center Charlotte also carries a large selection of premium electronic components, including DVD players, surround sound systems, speakers, and home theater systems. Many of these products can also be connected to computers and laptops. These products are backed by the latest technology, including home entertainment software and video game consoles.

The Design District is located in Charlotte’s historic South End. Its 4.5-acre retail site redefines modern retail experiences. Since the early 2000s, the area has been booming and has emerged as one of Charlotte’s premier neighborhoods for new development. The developer, Asana Partners, purchased three key properties on the former Nebel Knitting Mill site. As part of the project, Asana Partners decided to remodel the existing buildings rather than build new ones.

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