Cake Guide 101: Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Cake Guide 101: Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Cake
Cake Guide 101: Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Many wedding event cakes are priced by the piece, not by the number of tiers. And the size of the tiers will be figured out by the number of mouths you’re planning to feed. If you’re making a cake for, say, 80 humans, you can give the bakery a number of tiers you’re looking for– if it’s 2 or 3 or perhaps 4– and they will determine which pan sizes they require to utilize to feed the number you have given them, while likewise ensuring the dimensions are proportional to the tiers. (That’s. There’s math in baking. Nobody’s safe.).

The cost will then depend on your design, but it will also likely be per individual. If, state, the easiest frosted wedding event cake at a specific bakery is $5 per person, the more complicated the design components, the more the “per person” price goes up. And check more helpful hints to know the spiritual meaning of the cake.

Research Study

All wedding planning begins with research. Check out wedding event websites, buy bridal publications, ask pals, relatives and anybody in the know about cakes. Read evaluations, check out bakeries and discover a dependable supplier that has a proven track record of making terrific wedding event cakes.

Many bakeshops can make cakes; many can even make celebration cakes, but extremely few can make fantastic wedding event cakes. The complexity and artistry associated with making a wedding cake exceed the standard, which is why selecting a bakeshop with a performance history is so essential.

Talk to the cake makers and select one that you think will provide what you desire at a rate you can pay for when you have a shortlist.


As soon as you have set a date and have picked a wedding event theme and reception venue, it’s time to select the cake. Even if it’s several months in advance, it’s time. A fantastic wedding cake can take months to prepare correctly, especially if it’s a traditional fruit cake.

Ideally, you would provide the baker with three and 6 months’ notice to make the cake. Once you understand the date, have chosen your wedding event palette and theme and know where the reception is going to be, you can begin picking your cake.

Fruit cakes take a few months to mature. Some decors have to be hand-made long in advance, ingredients may have to be specifically ordered, or even created. All these things take some time. The more time you provide your cake maker, the better the task they can accomplish.

Think About The Flavour (And Colour) Of Your Cake

If ever chocolate or red velour cake gets stuck in between your teeth, it’ll be more apparent compared to vanilla or butter cakes. We’re not saying that you should not pick chocolate or red velvet as your wedding event cake flavour– if you like it, then by all means go for it, simply be cautious to inspect them pearly whites before flashing a smile!

Develop A Mood Board

Work with your cake baker to accomplish the cake design or style you’re considering. With a state of mind board in hand, you’re giving your baker an idea of not just what you desire, but also what you don’t want. Add styles and colours you would enjoy for your cake to provide him/her a much better grasp of what you want.

Think about the dressing of the cake. It’s worth thinking beyond simply the cake and considering how you’d like it presented.

Provide your cake in the spotlight. It’s important to consider the position of your cake- you desire the best position for a cohesive look on the day that also gives the very best natural light and background for photography. Sometimes finding a balance can be tricky; talk this over with your team while designing your event area.

Believe Carefully About Frosting Choices

For warm weather condition wedding events, fondant can be a better option than meringue, whipped cream, or buttercream, as it doesn’t melt as these icings do. Fondant is also the very best choice for a smooth a. Those who choose the taste of buttercream but want the appearance of fondant ought to have the baker frost the cake in buttercream prior to applying the fondant layer. When picking a wedding cake, consider the colors you’re utilizing. People might not wish to eat a cake with frosting that will turn their tongue blue or green.

Ensure The Design Fits With The Remainder Of The Wedding Event Components

Prior to selecting the general style of the cake, pick the style, colours, and other components of the wedding style. You want the cake to fit in with the overall appearance of the wedding. Use flowers on the cake that match those for the ceremony or add the dress’s lace pattern to the cake.

Cake Delivery Takes Coordination

Complex cakes may not necessarily be provided in the final kind. Permit time and space for assembly, if needed. Refrigeration might likewise be required.