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Philips CPAC Lawsuit Update

The Recalled Philips CPAP Machine prompted a flood of lawsuits and ultimately, a multi-district litigation (MDL) for the case. The cases were consolidated in the Western District of Pennsylvania. While Philips wanted to bring these cases to Massachusetts, it chose Pennsylvania as its home state. As a result, the Philips CPAP litigation is still ongoing.

Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Jeddah Lawyer

                                              If you’re in need of a lawyer in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, then you’ve come to the right place. While many lawyers charge the same, not all of them have the same quality

Why You Should Hire an Omaha Malpractice Attorney

If you are looking for a good Omaha malpractice attorney, there are a number of reasons you should choose one. Whether you have suffered due to a medical mistake, a mistaken diagnosis, or a treatment that was performed without your consent, you should seek legal counsel. The advice of an attorney can help you decide