Cooling Off With Parramatta Room Panelling

Cooling Off With Parramatta Room Panelling
Cooling Off With Parramatta Room Panelling

cool room panelling parramatta

When selecting Parramatta for your next installation, you will have the opportunity to choose a panelling system which incorporates state-of-the-art technology and design. A multi-stage system ensures optimal coverage while minimizing the risk of leakages and overspray. This ensures that your air conditioning or heating system remains free of maintenance issues for many years to come, whilst providing you with increased comfort and performance. You can enjoy increased energy efficiency, cost savings, and improved aesthetics with the application of Parramatta room panelling. For more information please contact a specialist cool room panelling parramatta installer direct.

How to Choose Parramatta Room Panelling

The company’s room panelling is made from a unique blend of materials that combine structural strength and superb aesthetics. The result is a highly effective insulation that reduces energy costs and lowers noise levels while maintaining excellent thermal qualities. They can be applied both as a floor or ceiling covering, and in either an open or enclosed configuration. Most designs incorporate the use of thermally broken walls which are cleverly designed to minimize the amount of air movement, maximizing energy efficiency and sound reduction while providing a tough, durable, low maintenance finish.

Parramatta Cool Rooms is a leading Cool Room Supplier in Sydney Australia. With over twenty years industry experience, they are the leading supplier of Thermal Reconditioning and Room Coating products to residential and commercial properties throughout the Capital Region. Their wide range of products include a wide range of flexible thermal insulating material such as Polyester Insulation (PIR), Polypropylene (PP) and Low Density Polyethylene (LDPD). These materials can be combined with high-tech epoxy resins and paints to create an attractive yet durable finish. Parramatta also offers a wide range of air quality and moisture control products including air ducts, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, heaters, ventilation fans and complete air systems. The extensive catalog available online enables you to search for the perfect product to meet your cooling or heating requirements.

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